Sanborn parent volunteering to stand by bins every day to supervise and educate kids about protecting our environment.​

Please consider reducing the disposable plastic sent with home lunches to school. Reuse the same zip lock bag as much as possible or use reusable plastic or metal containers/cutlery.

This photo bellow is just ONE week at Sanborn. We collected close to 400 zip lock bags and close to 900 plastic silverware from the trash!

Sanborn's Zero Waste Team

During school lunch kids use the following  system to reduce regular trash volume and help protect our environment:

  • A Drain and Drop bin to divert liquids.
  • A recycling bin for plastics and papers.
  • A bin for plastic cutlery and zip lock bags (for a special recycling program that our Town does not cover).
  • A bin to rescue food.

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If you are interested in being a part of the Sanborn Zero Waste Team please contact: 
Carina  SchustermanClaire  Stocker  or Selen Aktar


According to our calculations we are diverting from the regular cafeteria’s trash close to a TON a month. We reduced the trash barrels from 8 a day to just 4! We are planning on starting to use compostable trays and composting left over food. We will reduce our cafeteria trash by more than 90% then.

We rescue 3 to 4 bins of untouched or unopened food items/drinks from school lunches a week. Those items, that our kids don’t eat, used to be thrown in the trash on a daily basis and destined for landfills or incinerators. Those rescued items are now donated to families in need.

By May of this year 3 schools in Andover and one in North Andover will be rescuing food. Hopefully by next Fall the rest of the schools in the district will follow our example too.

These  are food items and drinks rescued from just from ONE day at Sanborn (varies depending on school  menu)