Supporting our school and staying connected


Who is a part of the PTO?

All parents of current students are automatically members of the Sanborn PTO, and are welcome/encouraged to participate and get involved in its operation. All levels of  parent & teacher participation are welcome and encouraged as part of the Sanborn PTO.  Even if you only have time to attend a handful of meetings, your voice is always appreciated as part of our discussions. For those who have more dedicated time to participate in the Sanborn PTO, opportunities exist to run individual programs & events, to become a grade-level representative to the PTO, or to join the PTO Board as part of the Executive Team.

​​Please view our full list of Volunteer Positions here: 


How does the PTO raise funds, and where do they go?

The PTO runs events throughout the year as varied and fun as the Sanborn community itself.  Many events allow us to raise money in support of PTO initiatives - including academic enrichment, cultural arts programming, and teacher/staff discretionary spending...but some are strictly social events intended to bring people together for fun!  We encourage your participation in as many events for which you have the time & energy.

​To see how the PTO spends the monies raised click here: ​

mission & vision

The Sanborn Parent Teacher Organization is committed to:

  • Promoting a positive relationship between home and school, that will generate the best possible learning environment for every student
  • Helping the community to become informed parents, on educational issues, programs and activities by corresponding regularly with parents via email, our website and be holding informal meetings.
  • Recruit and organize volunteers to help in the school classrooms, office, lunchroom, playground and library programs.
  • Acting as an advisory council to the principal by providing parent feedback concerning school programs or policies.
  • Using its funds to sponsor events or purchase materials that will enrich or expand the school curriculum. These items may include but are not limited to seminars, lectures, performances, playground equipment, library books and general supplies.