​A minimum commitment of one lunch block, once per week, is requested (for example, a commitment to cover 2nd Grade lunch every Tuesday).  **We encourage you to volunteer for one hour at a time** (2 Volunteer Blocks) and cover multiple grades (2nd and 3rd Grade lunch on Tuesdays), or you may also volunteer for multiple days of the week (a 30 or 60 minute block on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Start Date:  TBD.   Volunteers will likely start as soon as their CORI Check has cleared and mandatory training is complete (see below Requirements), possibly as early as the week of April 12th.

End Date:  June 16th or end of the school year


  • A CORI Form (Please submit a completed form and a copy of your driver’s license to Mrs Morrison in the office ASAP as CORI’s take some time to process.  Forms are available in the vestibule in a folder labeled “Karyn Sibbernsen” and also available here.) 
  • A Mandatory One Hour training (Thursday April 8th at 9 am – “make-up” options available if needed).  Training is similar to what school staff receive and covers things like:  PPE, Social Distancing Compliance, Confidentiality and Privacy, etc.
  • A commitment to a regular steady schedule through the end of the year - we are counting on volunteers to be reliable and responsible.  If any conflicts do arise for any given day, we expect you will communicate that to our Assistant Principal, Mrs Fawcett ASAP -

Please contact Karyn Sibbernsen ( with any additional questions.


Did you know that research shows that your child can benefit from your active involvement in his or her school? The PTO would not function without the support of our wonderful volunteers. Please consider joining the fun!


As we transition to this exciting new (full-time!) format for the remainder of the year, Sanborn will be needing parent volunteers to assist school staff with lunchtime supervision. We are asking Volunteers to commit to a consistent schedule (for example, 30-60 minutes every Monday), based on your availability.  Please contact Karyn Sibbernsen ( with any additional questions.

Thank you so much!

The Sanborn PTO works hard to help make the school year both enjoyable and exciting for students, teachers, and parents.

The PTO uses its resources, both manpower and monetary, to support the efforts of the staff and to provide learning and enrichment opportunities for our children.

In order to make it easier for everyone to know who is managing each committee and what positions are still available, read the descriptions below and then visit the new PTO Volunteer Sign-up Genius. It’s a wonderful investment that will produce lasting benefits.


  • Assisting School Staff during lunch periods.  (2nd-5th grade students from former Hybrid Classes will be eating lunch in the cafeteria with their grade, spaced six feet apart and facing the same direction.  All K and 1st students will be eating lunch in classrooms.)
  • A 30-min Volunteer Block would cover a 20-minute lunch period and responsibilities would include: assisting with passing out any pre-packaged hot lunches, supervising students while they eat, wiping down surfaces after students are finished. 

Up to 2 Volunteers needed per day for grades 2-5
*Please consider volunteering for one hour and covering two grades/volunteer blocks.*

2nd:  11:20-11:50
3rd:  11:50 – 12:20
4th:  12:15 – 12:45
5th:  12:40 – 1:10

1 Volunteer needed per day for grades K and 1
All students eat in classrooms for grades K and 1
K is 11:50-12:20
1 is 11:25-11:55

Volunteer Opportunities at Sanborn​


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