Or, if you have any fun photos of your children at Sanborn events and would like to share them on the website please send them to us with a signed photo release form for each child in the photo. The more involvement we have from our families the stronger we can be as a community! Photo release forms and photos can be submit via the email to


Supporting our school and staying connected

  • Where does the money go that the PTO raises each year? 

    How our my donations being utilized? Download PTO Financials


  • How can I submit a request for payment/reimbursement?

    Click to download a Reimbursement Form, complete the form and send it to the PTO Treasurer at

  • ​How can I get something included in the Sanborn Weekly?

    Any information pertaining to Sanborn that you would like to be included in the weekly should be sent to the PTO at

  • How do I submit a photo release form for my child?

    If you would like to be a part of the fun please download and complete the PHOTO RELEASE form so your child and/or family's picture can appear on the PTO website.