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**Free Babysitting Available!**

Monday 9/23

South School Library

7-8:15 pm

​​The Internet doesn’t have to be scary... 👻

SAnborn pto presentation

Helping Families Navigate Technology Use with National Internet Safety ExpErt Katie Greer 

​​​Co-sponsored with the South Elementary PTO, the Sanborn PTO is thrilled to host Katie Greer who will be speaking to both students and parents.  Katie will discuss realistic approaches to technology, the way it enriches our lives but also how to use it safely, and how to prepare our children for managing their technology use in a healthy way.  She has over 10 years of experience, beginning as the Director of Internet Safety in the MA Attorney General’s Office.  She speaks with schools, organizations and media outlets nation-wide helping to shape relationships with technology both on a personal and policy level. 

**We are very excited to be able to offer free babysitting for this event!**  AHS High School students have volunteered their time to provide free babysitting located in the South School Gymnasium during the presentation.  Please plan to sign your child in and out when you arrive and depart from the gym.

Katie will spend the day at Sanborn and South schools, speaking with students about how to use technology safely, and how to incorporate it into our lives in a way that will enrich vs encumber.  Below are some of the key talking points she will cover for each age group:

Pre-K through Grade 2
Rules to follow for tablets and phones (that are useful for parents too)
Understanding healthy boundaries for games we play
Defining personal information and how to keep it safe
Figuring out how to recognize safe sites and apps to use

Grades 3 through 5
Benefits and risks of communicating with friends online
Keeping personal information private when using social networks, games, and otherwise
Privacy settings: How do they work? Are they effective? What does "private" really mean?
Cyberbullying and what to do about it
Cell phone and tablet rules to live by

  • Katie will also present to Sanborn and South parents on Monday September 23rd at South School Library at 7 pm.  Please join us!  Below are some of the topics she will address:

  • Updates on the latest tech trends including popular apps, social networking trends, gaming, sexting and more

  • Social media age limitations - and how often kids are breaking them

  • Privacy settings, location services, check-ins: Are your devices set-up safely?

  • Advice for having real conversations with your child to foster a positive online experience for your family, with suggested restrictions and rules

  • Digital health check-in: Is your family doing a good job balancing life and technology? Most KIDS say "NO!"

  • Smartphones & Age: What's the average age kids get smartphones? Are there alternatives? Is there a right age for kids to get smartphones?