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Heritage Night

Rescheduled due to snow day
Wednesday, March 28th

6:30 - 8:00 PM

Heritage Night (formerly International Night) is a chance for each of us to show off our own culture and learn about the cultures of all of our Sanborn families. There will be a variety of food from around the world, cultural performances, country tables, photo booth with costumes from different countries, currency flag station with various games!!

It takes a village to make these events happen so please volunteer!

Committee Chairs are needed for the Flag, Costume, Currency & Performance committees 
please email Rashmi Bajaj

How to participate at Heritage Night:

  • Host a country table and display items from your country: Families can reserve a table to represent their culture. Last year we had 14 country tables.

  • Donate currencies for our currency album which will be donated to the Sanborn library and displayed the night of the event. Please send in currencies (coins and notes) you would like to donate to school office in a zip lock bag labelled clearly with country and who donated by February 28th. Note: the currencies would NOT be returned. 

  • Perform at Heritage Night – We encourage group performances from varied countries - selections will be made on a first come first serve bases per country. Kids are limited to one performance. Confirmation emails will be sent out on March 6th. We are also looking for someone to help with co-ordination prior the event.

  • Bring a baked good representing your country/culture/ancestry – The Town of Andover Board of Health guidelines require that all items served at this event be limited to baked goods that do not contain any creams, custards, or other dairy, which would require refrigeration.

  • Lend a costume for the photo booth, for people to try on and take pictures in the costume -  All costumes would be retuned the week after the event. 

  • Provide a flag for display – All flags would be retuned the week after the event

1. We encourage you to come in international costumes. 

2. If bringing food, it must be single serving/snack size in paper cups. The food cannot require refrigeration. Please also label the food, with the name of country, and if contains NUTs / NUT FREE. We will have horizontal 3x5 frames, where you can insert your paper.
3. Kids will be making crafts at a few of the country tables, please bring a bag to safely bring your items home in.

4. We will be making a currency album for the school, if you would like to donate currency please bring it the evening of the event and leave it with the greeter's at the welcome desk. Be sure to label with country, kid's and parent's name.

5. Please share costumes for the photo booth. You can share them before ( or bring them with you and drop at the costume booth . Please take them after the event 

Check out a snippet from last years event!