Please contact if you are interested in applying to join one or more of the above committees.

Be part of the HUGE "grassroots" Green Movement spreading across town!  Meet like-minded parents from different Andover Schools (public and private) with their own diverse cultural or professional backgrounds to share best practices and brainstorm together, as we work for the benefit of our children and our community.

The idea behind GSA is to spread the workload into smaller task-specific committees, which are more effective without taking up as much time!  

GSA offers a number of different opportunities for parents to get involved - below is a full list of all the committees. And, be sure to visit us on Facebook to learn more: 

  • Packaging: The committee focuses on school lunch packaging and how to reduce or change the packaging to more eco-conscious alternatives. 
  • Zero-waste stations:The committee focuses on how to make the zero waste stations easier to use for the students. This program was started at Sanborn - see what our students and parents are doing.

  • Food Rescue: The committee is working on standardizing food rescue in all APS schools. 

  • Healthy school lunches: The committee directly works with Food Services on how to serve healthier options for APS students. 

  • Education:The committee is about educating students/teachers/staff/community about waste reduction, environmental education, green initiatives. 

  • School garden/outdoor classroom/ nature trail: The committee wants to grow school gardens and make the produce accessible for the students by working with Food Services implementing them in their lunches. The committee also wants to promote the use of outdoor classroom and existing nature trails at each school - similar to the ones we have at Sanborn!  

  • Fund raising / grants:The committee works on fundraising or applying for grants for specific needs of each of the GSA committees. 

  • PR/Marketing:The committee is about marketing what is being done at Green Schools Andover.

  • Water filling stations:The committee wants to install water filling stations and make it accessible for each student at all APS in order to reduce/eliminate the use of disposable plastic bottles. 

  • Waste Audit/measure impact:The committee prepares reports and stats on impact of waste reduction

  • Energy savings:The committee wants to reduce energy consumption at schools or help implement energy saving initiatives.

  • Non-idling: The committee is working on enforcing the existing State regulations on non-idling during pick-up and drop-off at schools.