The Sanborn Enrichment Programs and funded 100% by the PTO. Our Enrichment Chairs work closely with classroom teams to offer enrichment opportunities for our children—about 50% of our budget goes toward classroom enrichment programs that are not part of the regular school curriculum

We are looking for parent photographers to assist in taking pictures at the Enrichment Events so we can share the memories on-line in a photo album (it's a great way to get a head start on the 5th grade year books!). If you would be interesting in helping out please reach out to the Krista Newman.

Grade Representatives: 
Kindergarten: Karyn Sibbernsen 
First Grade: Katie Tedesco 
First Grade: Tricia Rich 
Second Grade: Kim Millien 
Third Grade: Rebecca Bernardin 
Fourth Grade: Lauren Annarelli 
Fifth Grade: Kristen DeAngelo 
Fifth Grade: Jen Baden

Enrichment Chair: Krista Newman