​Enrichment Programs

The Sanborn Enrichment Programs and funded 100% by the PTO. Our Enrichment Chairs work closely with classroom teams to offer enrichment opportunities for our children—about 50% of our budget goes toward classroom enrichment programs that are not part of the regular school curriculum

We are looking for parent photographers to assist in taking pictures at the Enrichment Events so we can share the memories on-line in a photo album (it's a great way to get a head start on the 5th grade year books!). If you would be interesting in helping out please reach out to the Amy Yanowitz.

2016-2017 Enrichment Programs

All School Programs:

Community Read Along (November 14, 2016)
The Annual Read Along is when the community leaders in Andover come to Sanborn to read to our children & talk about what they do in our community!

Author - Marty Kelly (Spring) Grades 2-5
Marty Kelley is an author, illustrator and a recovering second grade teacher. He has written and illustrated many published children’s books, including: Fall Is Not Easy; The Rules; Winter Woes; Summer Stinks; Spring Goes Squish; The Messiest Desk; Twelve Terrible Things; A Cape!; and Fame, Fortune, and the Bran Muffins of Doom. 
In his spare time, he visits lots and lots of schools to show students how he creates his books. 

Kindergarten Programs:

Frederick the Paramedic Presentation 

Sanborn graduates, paramedics Chris and Nicole will introduce what being a paramedic is all about to the kindergarteners. The students will learn how the emergency medical system works and basic safety concepts. They will read their book Frederic the Paramedic and engage our students with hands on demonstration and role playing.

Michelle Menagerie Presentation (March 3, 2017)
To kick off the kindergarten rain forest unit, Michelle will provide a realistic Rainforest wildlife encounter in the classrooms. Her show will be an exciting learning experience that will provide an opportunity to see the animals up close and learn about their importance in the world.

Wingmaster : North American Birds of Prey Presentation (March 20, 2017)

Julie Collier and Jim Parks both Massachusetts based licensed raptor rehabilitators will explain characteristics of raptors and predation to the kindergarten class. They will bring in live birds and talk about where these birds exist in the food chain and why they may be endangered.

Drumlin Farms Earth and Soil Presentation (May 1, 2017)

Drumlin Farms comes to Sanborn in the spring and will introduce our students to the properties of soil, erosion, decomposition and absorption. The kindergarteners will attend the session in small groups and study earthworms and other soil animals in their natural habitat. 

1st Grade Programs

Plimoth Plantation – Pilgrim’s Visit (November 14, 2016) 
The Colonial Program is presented by museum teachers who dress and speak as if they are 17th century Pilgrims. They bring children’s clothing and artifacts to illustrate their presentations.

The Discovery Museums’ Weather Workshop (Dec. 6th, 2016)
The Discovery Museum will introduce young meteorologists to understand the important role weather plays in daily life as they engage in the practice of science and engineering by developing tools for forecasting and observing day-to-day changes and seasonal patterns over time.

Andover Historical Society (March 2017)
Students will tour the Andover Historical Society and learn about their mission and history of Andover. Students also learn about the collection of artifacts of significant historical matter, kept at the museum of the Andover Historical Society.

Michelle Menagerie Presentation (Spring) **subject to change
Michelle will provide a realistic wildlife encounter in the classrooms. Her show will be an exciting learning experience that will provide an opportunity to see the animals up close and learn about their importance in the world.

2nd Grade Programs

​Science - Physical Changes (TBD)

Science - Lifecycles (TBD)

3rd Grade Programs

Beekeeper – Birgit Deweerd (October 24, 2016)
World-renowned Birgit Deweerd organizes a workshop on the fascinating honeybee and its life-cycle. This program will enhance the insect study curriculum by examining the importance of honeybees in our environment and just how they relate in the grand scheme of things. The integral role that honeybees play in our food chain will be introduced, including how they pollinate more than 90 of the tastiest flower crops making them partially responsible for every third bite of food we eat!

Historical Figures – Benjamin Franklin (Spring)
Andover resident, Dick Elliott, a historic actor and life-time impersonator of Benjamin Franklin, brings the Boston-born Founding Father, Statesman and Diplomat to life this Spring. A great opportunity for the kids to learn all about the lifetime work of Boston’s own Benjamin Franklin. Not only is Ben Franklin known for some great inventions; including bifocal glasses, the fireplace and the lightning rod, but he was so well respected by his peers for his hard work, community spirit and love of education.  Be sure not to miss this event!

Science - Discovery Force & Motion (Spring)

4th Grade Programs

Star Party (TBD)

Historical Figures (Spring)

​5th Grade Programs

Museum of Science - Forces of Motion (Spring)

Historical Figures (Spring)